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Semi-finals for Eurovision 2018 drawn

The semi-finals for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 have been drawn. Nineteen countries will compete in the first semi, with the other eighteen going into the second semi-final.

The draw

The draw was conducted by Silvia Alberto and Filomena Cautela. Both women are also part of the hosting team for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, together with Catarina Furtado and Daniela Ruah.
Due to an uneven number in semi-final participants, the semi-finals will consist of different numbers. The first semi-final will have one participant more than the second semi-final. From each of the semis, ten acts will make it to the Grand Final, where they will join the Big Five, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain and Germany, as well as the host country Portugal.
Below you can see the halves each country was drawn in:

Semi 1 – First half Semi 2 – First half
Belarus Russia
Bulgaria Serbia
Lithuania Denmark
Albania Romania
Czech Republic Australia
Belgium Norway
Iceland Moldova
Azerbaijan San Marino
Israel The Netherlands
Semi 1 – Second half Semi 2 – Second half
Switzerland Montenegro
Finland Sweden
Austria Hungary
Ireland Malta
Armenia Latvia
Cyprus Georgia
Croatia Poland
Greece Slovenia
FYR Macedonia Ukraine

The draw for the Big Five has also taken place. It was decided that Spain, United Kingdom and Portugal will vote in the first semi. Germany, France and Italy will vote in the second semi. RAI filed a special request to make sure Italy could vote in the second semi. EBU approved the request.
Tickets for the semis
Now we know which countries will take part in which semi. That also means tickets for the semi-finals will soon start. EBU waited to release those tickets until everyone in Europe and Australia knew in which semi they would be competing in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.
The tickets will go on sale tomorrow. The official ticket partner is BlueTicket. Once again, EBU urge everyone to only buy tickets through the official partner.

Insignia exchange

The Insignia exchange has also taken place today. The Mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko was present in Lisbon today. He was there to hand over the Host City Insignia to Fernando Medina, the Mayor of Lisbon.
As of today, Lisbon has officially taken over hosting duties from the Ukrainian capital. Now it’s time to all be aboard for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 and let the action begin!
Are you happy with your country’s draw? Which semi looks stronger? Let us know!

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