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Belgium’s Laura Groeseneken to perform as Sennek

Laura Groeseneken has announced she will be performing under the name Sennek for Eurovision 2018. VRT announced Laura as the artist to  represent Belgium in Lisbon at the end of last September.
Laura has been making music for the last couple of years under the name Sennek, so she has decided to continue using this name at Eurovision. She is currently working on the song she will perform in Lisbon.
This follows previous Belgian artists adopting stage names at Eurovision. Ellie Delvaux last year represented Belgium under the name Blanche and in 2012 Laura van den Bruel performed under the name Iris at Eurovision.

Why Sennek?

Laura explained the meaning of the name Sennek.

“I’ve been making music under the artist name Sennek for a while now. I chose that name because it’s a bit mysterious, and it also has a personal link: my last name is Groeseneken. Because I am so closely involved in all the choices during this Eurovision project, it was a logical choice to take on this adventure with my own artist name.”

“The puzzle pieces are starting to come together”

The EBU recently drew the allocation of the countries in each semi-final. Belgium will perform in the first half of the first semi-final. The order will be determined closer to the finals when all the participating songs have been chosen. Laura reacted to her placing in the semi-finals:

“I didn’t have a preference, but think this is a nice spot in the competition. I have a song, an artist name and now I have a spot in the semi-final. The puzzle pieces are starting to come together. Very exciting!”

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Are you looking forward to hearing Sennek’s song for Eurovision? 

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