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It’s official: Eleni Foureira will represent Cyprus with “Fuego”

Moments ago it was officially confirmed that Eleni Foureira will represent Cyprus in Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon. The title of song penned by Greek-Swedish composer Alex Papaconstantinou is called “Fuego”.

Cyprus Eurovision saga is finally coming to an end now when the broadcaster finally announced the chosen singer to represent the island of Aphrodite in Lisbon.

Eleni Foureira will make her dream come true and will finally find herself on the stage of Eurovision after several previous attempts representing Greece as reported earlier, this time though Eleni has been internally selected  to sing the song “Fuego” for Cyprus.

After the fruitless talks with Elena Paparizou and Tamta, the songwriter Alex Papaconstantinou insisted on an experienced and well-known performer. Eleni Foureira was considered as the most suitable and was also the choice of Alex himself as well as of the Cypriot Broadcaster CyBC who this year is aiming to go big and setting the bar high.

The 30-year-old singer started her career in Greece ten years ago as a member of the girl band Mystique. Since 2010 she has continued with her solo career, having since released three completed albums and over ten singles. Last year she was judge on Greek version of “So you think you can dance”.

Sacha Jean Baptiste responsible for the staging

Eleni is very famous in both Greece and Cyprus and is known for putting on some great stage shows. Her entry “Fuego” composed by Alex Papaconstantinou is described as a an uptempo “explosive” dance song with several instrumental breaks and a catchy tune that is aiming to stir up the audience and viewers in Eurovision in Lisbon this May.

Swedish stage director Sacha Jean Baptiste will be responsible for the staging of the Cypriot performance in Lisbon. Sacha has directed several successful entries over the past three years, among those being Armenia 2016 “Lovewave” and Bulgaria 2017 “Beautiful Mess”.

Eleni Foureira in Eurovision

Eleni Foureira is not totally unknown to the fans of Eurovision. She tried to represent Greece in Eurovision Song Contest 2010 together with Manos Pyrovolakis and the song “I kyvotos tou Noe” (Noah’s ark) ending up second behind Giorgos Alkaios and “OPA”.

Eleni made a second attempt to represent Greece in Eurovision in 2016 when ERT opted for an internal selection, unfortunately ERT rejected Foureira and went instead for the group Argo. Eleni’s entry would have been the English version of “Ti kitas” (Come Tiki Tam) composed by Doron Medalie that previously had cooperated with Eleni and who also had written “Golden Boy” the year before. The song went on to become a hit in Greece and Cyprus afterwards.

After three consecutive years in the final, Cyprus is aiming for the top this year.
Do you think they could finally make it?

Below you can listen to Eleni’s Greek cover of Israeli 2015 Eurovision entry “Golden Boy”.

Ελένη Φουρέιρα - Στο Θεό Με Πάει - Official Music VideoΕλένη Φουρέιρα – Στο Θεό Με Πάει – Official Music Video

Are you pleased with CyBC’s reported choice of Eleni Foureira? In addition, do you think Cyprus has everything in place for their first Eurovision victory? Let us know!

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