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Yulia Samoilova’s Eurovision participation will not cause issues for UA:PBC

Ukraine’s National Broadcaster, UA:PBC, has confirmed that despite last years drama the participation of Russia’s Yulia Samoilova in Lisbon won’t cause an issue for them.

The broadcaster, will be able to broadcast the full show (including Yulia’s performance) without any obstacles. They informed our colleagues at of their decision after they had enquired with them.

1TV(RU) internally selects Yulia … again

Earlier this week, Russia’s 1TV(RU) announced that their plans for Eurovision 2018 include the talented Yulia Samoilova yet again.

As soon as that announcement was made, the Eurovison community has been speculating about the possibility of Ukraine’s UA:PBC not being #AllAboard with 1TV’s decision.

Despite not being able to resolve the issue last year, it seems the issues have been cleared for 2018. Apparently, Yulia Samoylova is no longer on the banned list in Ukraine. That means they should be able to air Russia’s performance. That has now also been confirmed by UA:PBC.

The ongoing battle between the two broadcasters regarding last years internal selection of Yulia, has been resolved with a fine for UA:PBC.

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UA:PBC fined after Russian Eurovision participation controversy

Preparations in full swing

Yulia Samoilova herself confirmed her entry for Russia a couple of days ago on Twitter. Her dream of eventually doing Eurovision is coming true sooner than expected. The Russian songstress has already made up her mind regarding the song she will represent her country with.

Russia will take part in the first half of the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 this May. Yulia will be hoping to maintain the 100% qualification record her country has.

What kind of song are you hoping to see from Yulia? 
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