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Zoë Straub is the songwriter of 9 of San Marino’s 11 songs!

Zoë Straub represented Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with Loin D’ici. She was loved by the Eurovision fans, but finished 13th overall. Now, the organisers of the San Marinese selection have revealed that she has wrote 9 out of 11 of their potential Eurovision entries!
In the last few weeks, the public have widely criticised the San Marinese selection. Candidates have been buying votes, only one of the potential candidates is actually from San Marino, and the process has been deemed as “lacking in transparency”.
However, the organisers of 1in360, the San Marinese selection, have now released a statement:

Because there has been many questions about the transparency of the process, we’re going to give you some information. We haven’t given any candidates a specific song, but we have been working during a song camp in Vienna. We’ve prepared some very basic pieces there, and then our candidates, producers and writers have made a finished product out of them. This means that several songs have many writers, sometimes up to five per song. Zoë Straub actively participated and is credited on all but two of the entries. This is true for some other members of the team too.

It looks like Zoë Straub will likely be one of the songwriters for San Marino’s 2018 entry!

San Marino in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Before the 2018 contest, San Marino participated in Eurovision eight times since debuting in 2008. San Marino’s best result came in 2014, when Valentina Monetta represented the microstate (for the third time in a row) with Maybe. She came in 24th place with 14 points and is the only finalist that San Marino have ever had.
San Marino will select their 2018 representative on the 3rd March. 11 artists from across Europe (and Zimbabwe) will compete for the right to represent the country. Read more about them here!
What do you think of this? Are you happy to see Zoë trying to get back into Eurovision? What did you think of her 2016 entry, Loin D’ici?
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