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Christabelle wins Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018

We now have five songs for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018! In Malta, Christabelle Borg won the national final tonight. Christabelle and the song “Taboo” will now go on to fly the Maltese flag in Lisbon.

Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Sixteen songs were hoping to take the Maltese ticket to Lisbon. There were a couple of pre-contest favourites, but throughout the show, it became clear that the race could be a very open one.

Dark horse Deborah C performed her “Turn It Up” in fourteenth, but had some technical issues. When the technical issues were resolved, the show resumed. Finally, TVM decided that Deborah could sing again at the end of all performances.

The show saw several familiar guests. Last year’s Eurovision hopeful Claudia Faniello performed three songs, including “Breathlessly”. Furthermore, Junior Eurovision 2018 entrant Gianluca Cilia was also present. He performed his “Dawra Tond” as the interval act once televoting lines had closed.

The winner was eventually decided by 50% jury vote and 50% televoting. The jury members came from five different countries in Europe. Those five were:

  • Iceland: Regina Ósk
  • Czech Republic: Jan Bors
  • Albania: Kleart Duraj
  • FYR Macedonia: Meri Popova
  • Italy: Bruno Spitori

The jury voting had Christabelle as their winner, as she took down all maximum twelve points from the jury members. That gave her a total of sixty points. Brooke followed with 37 points, Aidan was third with 34 points.
It was then down to televoting. Their points were distributed to ratio. The televoters had a clear top three. Fourth place Eleanor Cassar received seveteen points, third place Brooke shot up to 47. Richard and Joe got 67 points from televoters, meaning Christabelle ran away here too: 73 points, giving her 133 in total.


She’s just 25, but she’s got plenty of MESC experience. “Taboo” was her fourth go at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. She has previously competed in 2014, 2015 and 2016.
Her 2018 entry was a cry for open mindedness when it comes to mental struggles, such as depression. Her stage performance was one of the most remarkable ones in tonight’s show.

Do you like Malta’s song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018? Make sure to check it out below! Don’t forget to let us know what you think. You can do so below in a comment or through social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

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