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Swedish band Alcazar to split up in autumn

Alcazar have announced that they will be splitting up. After twenty years of Alcazar, 2018 will be their last year as a trio. They won’t go out without a bang, though!

Europride and a tour

Alcazar were first formed in 1998. Now, twenty years later, the story will come to an end. The group, consisting of Andreas Lundstedt, Therese Merkel and Lina Hedlund will call it a day.

In a statement, published by Aftonbladet, the band say:

We will dance all night long, as if there’s no tomorrow. That’s when our mission will be complete.

2018 is promising to be a busy year for the group. They have been asked to sing the official anthem for the Europride this year. That song, “In The Name of Love” has been released on streaming platforms today. They will also close their career as a group with a concert tour in October and November.


Late last year, Alcazar were teasing a potential Melodifestivalen return. It would have been their sixth appearance at the Swedish show. However, despite having high hopes of even winning the Swedish national final, they were not part of the final 28.

According to Aftonbladet, the new single “In The Name of Love” is also the one they had sent to Melodifestivalen. They’ve slightly reworked it for the new purpose, Europride 2018.

Alcazar’s first Melodifestivalen appearance came in 2003, when they finished in third with “Not a Sinner, Not a Saint”. Further appearances followed in 2005 (“Alcastar”), 2009 (“Stay the Night”), 2010 (“Headlines”) and finally 2014 (“Blame It On The Disco”).

The Swedish band have scored some decent European hits as well. Back in 2001, “Crying at the Discotheque” charted in eight European countries. Their 2004 single “This Is The World We Live In” even made it to the charts in nine countries.

Sadly, the end of Alcazar will also mean that we’ll never see them as a group at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Would you have liked to see Alcazar at the Eurovision Song Contest? What’s your favourite song? Let us know!

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