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Kikki Danielsson: “Melodifestivalen used to be better”

She was there to celebrate her forthieth Melodifestivalen anniversary. However, after finishing last in the semi-final on Saturday, Kikki Danielsson is done. To Aftonbladet, she said that Melodifestivalen used to be much better and that she won’t come back to the show.

Kikki Danielsson: “Music no longer the focus”

After finishing last in Karlstad on Saturday, the Swedish songstress spoke of her disappointment. She never thought she would win Melodifestivalen and even claims it was never her goal to do so, but the disappointment is there.

She feels the attention has shifted. Where music used to be the centre of attention, she now feels it no longer is. She misses the days of Anders Berglund, a famous Swedish conductor who’s conducted in multiple Eurovision Song Contests.

Despite not expecting much from her 2018 participation, she still feels it should be her last one. She débuted in Melodifestivalen back in 1978 and has since taken part countless of times. Twice she’s won it, once in 1982 as part of Chips and in 1985 as a solo entrant with “Bra Vibrationer”.

Instead of attempting to come back to Melodifestivalen, she will focus on her new material. Together with Sören Karlsson, she’s planning to release more country music. She stated that “Osby Tennessee” was never written especially for Melodifestivalen and just entered to showcase her new style and celebrate her career.

Support from a wide audience

Who thinks that these are words of a bitter veteran, might be wrong. After Kikki Danielsson’s statement, Aftonbladet released a poll. In that poll, they asked the audience whether they agreed with the 65-year old. Was Melodifestivalen better before?

A whopping 90% of the more than 65,000 voters has so far said ‘Yes’. And they are not the only ones showing support for Kikki Danielsson. Three time Melodifestivalen winning composer, Ingela “Pling” Forsman, has said that Kikki is a very good singer, but that everything changes over the course of time.

Anders Berglund has also commented. He says he feels Melodifestivalen has become too technical and mechanic. He says it used to be a competition for songs, hence the name Melodifestivalen, but now it’s very much a visual competition.

Also on Facebook and Twitter, many spoke in favour of Kikki Danielsson’s opinion. Some even called last Saturday’s semi-final “the worst semi ever”.

Would you agree with Kikki Danielsson that Melodifestivalen used to be better than it is now? Let us know how you feel below!

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Comments on Kikki Danielsson: “Melodifestivalen used to be better”

  • Charlie

    She’s right. It’s more geared toward younger people and less room for’different genres. Love Kikki, she’s been there since 78 and still has something to offer – hope she enjoys her new material.

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