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Fabrizio Moro and Ermal Meta in danger of disqualification?

Trouble may be on the horizon for Fabrizio Moro and Ermal Meta. The duo is competing in the Festival di Sanremo, but may be in danger of disqualification. The reason? Plagiarism.

Hot favourites in trouble

Moro and Meta are clear favourites to win the entire Festival di Sanremo. The YouTube video of their performance has managed to pull in almost 800,000 views in a day. However, earlier today, claims of plagiarism arose. The song, “Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente”, may have been too similar to another song. That song is “Silenzio” by Ambra Calvani and Gabriele de Pascali. A user on YouTube has put the two songs together, which you can hear below:


Decision pending

The reports today have gone everywhere. After the initial reports of plagiarism, people suspected the duo to be in trouble for tonight. RAI originally commented that no trouble would be caused for the two, with Huffington Post Italia quoting a statement from RAI:

There is no scoop here. The composer of the song has all the necessary papers for the song and we knew it was a re-write.

However, the duo was supposed to be in tonight’s Sanremo line-up. Ten acts will take to the stage tonight to present their songs for the second time. After originally being put in tonight’s show, the duo has now been replaced by Renzo Rubino. He was, of course, originally in tomorrow’s line-up.


We all know Eurovision isn’t the main focus when the Festival di Sanremo takes place in Italy. The winner has the right to go, but isn’t obliged to. Whereas the rules of Sanremo may accept a re-write of another song, the Eurovision rules certainly do not. That will be an interesting feature if they stay in the Italian competition.

It remains unclear what will happen to “Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente” by Fabrizio Moro and Ermal Meta. RAI should make their decision before tomorrow. Make sure to follow us for the latest news!

What do you think about the case above? Should Fabrizio Moro and Ermal Meta be disqualified? Let us know!

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