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Saara Aalto’s “Monsters” officially out with a music video

The song has been available for a while, but Finland’s broadcaster Yle has now officially released the first song for UMK 2018 together with its official music video. Saara Aalto has written the song together with Ki Fitzgerald, Joy Deb and Linnea Deb and it’s called “Monsters”.

Song with an important message

Saara told that the song’s message is from her own life. She says that the song is about the demons in your mind, who stop you from doing things or being yourself. She says  that she has struggled with those demons herself too.

In London I was accepted the way I was and I realized how many insecurities I had about not being accepted before. I had to change my way of thinking, not let those voices in my head saying “Saara you aren’t good enough” stop me from doing things and get rid of them.

Well-known team behind the song

Linnea Deb and Joy Deb have written many Melodifestivalen and Eurovision songs before. They won the contest in 2015 with Måns Zelmerlöw’s “Heroes”.
The father of Ki Fitzgerald, Scott Fitzgerald represented the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1988. Scott lost to Celine Dion by a one point.

Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2018

Yle chose Saara Aalto to represent Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Finnish public together with international juries will choose the winner from three songs. The next two songs will be released on February 16th and February 23rd.
The song started to go viral already earlier today. Saara Aalto’s spokesperson Nora Norrlin said that they are making sure the next two songs won’t be available before at midnight Finnish time.
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