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Slovenia’s EMA 2018 entries and running order released

RTVSLO, the broadcaster for Slovenia, have released more details on the Eurovision national selection EMA 2018. They have revealed the running order of the first show and released clips of all the competing songs.
The semi-final of EMA 2018 will take place on Saturday 17 February. A total of 16 artists will compete for a place in the final, to be held on the Saturday 24 February. The running order of the performances is as follows:

  1. Anabel – Pozitiva
  2. Tanja Ribič – Ljudje
  3. KiNG FOO – Žive sanje
  4. Ina Shai – V nebo
  5. Indigo – Vesna
  6. ManuElla – Dan potem
  7. MILA – Svoboda
  8. Orter – Tisoč let
  9. Lara Kadis – Zdaj sem tu
  10. BQL – Ptica
  11. Proper – Ukraden cvet
  12. Nika Zorjan – Uspavanka
  13. Marina Martensson – Blizu
  14. Nuška Drašček – Ne zapusti me zdaj
  15. Gregor Ravnik – Zdaj je čas
  16. Lea Sirk – Cirque

In the semi-final eight songs will proceed to the final: four chosen by telephone voting and four chosen by jury selection.

EMA 2018 song clips

You can listen to clips of all the competing songs in the video below

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Tom O'Donoghue

Music photographer based in Somerset, United Kingdom. Photographer for London Eurovision Party.

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