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Snippets of the first 13 acts competing in Festival da Canção out on Monday

For the first time in the history of Portugal’s most eminent musical spectacle, Festival da Canção, RTP’s creative team has decided to give us a little sneak peak of the competing acts prior to the actual live shows. 
The first 13 snippets of the songs allocated in the first semi final of the contest will be available online on Monday (March 12th at 12 PM). RTP will reveal the 45 seconds long snippets of the remaining acts a week afterwards, on the 19th of February.
Gonçalo Madaíl, general coordinator of the festival, explains this decision through a statement for RTP:

“For the first time, the organization of Festival da Canção decided to offer the audience a small preview of the competing themes, a week before making their debut in the semifinal. There were many requests from the fans, which led us to this decision. Thus, everyone will be hear a snippet of each song and make up their mind as to who they like best.”

Will the winner of the festival follow in Salvador Sobral’s footsteps? Looking from the outside in and taking into consideration how RTP carries the “burden” of hosting the event ….. We’d say they are in with a shot.

Festival da Canção 2018

The 2018 edition of the festival will consist of three live shows broadcast on RTP. The show will take course over three weeks, starting off on the 18th then continuing to the 25th of February and a grand final on the 4th of Match.
The semi finals will be held inside RTP’s studios while the final evening of Festival da Canção will move from Lisbon to Pavilhão Multiusos de Guimarães in Guimarães.
In the role of hosts during the final evening of the competition we will see Filomena Cautela (Eurovision 2018 host) and Pedro Fernandes.

Festival da Canção

The format of the show

  • 18/02 Semi Final 1 (13 acts ⇒ 7 finalists)
  • 25/02 Semi Final 2 (13 acts ⇒ 7 finalists)
  • 4/03 Final (14 finalists; 50/50 regional jury and public vote to determine the winner)

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Festival da Canção 2018 artists and songs presented

A walk through history

Established by RTP as a national selection for not just the Portuguese entry at Eurovision in the distant 1964, Festival da Canção characterises itself with longevity and national pride.
Despite the fact that the Portuguese entries have been struggling to leave an impression on the European audience up until last years. Salvador Sobral has managed to turn their fortune around by winning Eurovision with a staggering score of 758 points.

Top 10 entries from Portugal

Will you be tuning in for the show? Are you looking forward to hearing the songs? What is your favorite Portuguese entry at Eurovision so far?
Let us know in the comments section below and on all social media platforms at @ESCXTRA.

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