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“Aldrei gefast upp”, “Heim” and “Kúst og fæjó” to the final of Söngvakeppnin 2018!

A few moments ago it became clear that Fókus, Ari and Heimilistónar are the three qualifiers from the first semifinal of Sögnvakeppnin 2018. They managed to make the Icelandic tv viewers pick up their phones and get dialling. 


Tonight’s show was an extravaganza of glitter, extremely strong women, huge notes and emotions, colorful dresses, a flood of big pearls, Pollapönk-inspired outfits, floral pants, exploding choruses, adorably awkward dancing, and what might be known as the Icelandic cleaning anthem…

Amar pelois dois/Ást fyrir tvo

During the interval rúv treated us to an amazingly beautiful rendition of last year’s winning entry, “Amar pelois dois”. Two of Iceland’s best voices, Valdimar and Sigriður Thorlacius performed author Hallgrímur Helgason’s Icelandic version of Salvador Sobral winning entry.
It has become sort of a tradition for rúv, to get some of the best singers in the country to perform during the semi final intervals. For instance, who will ever forget Högni’s performance of “All Out Of Luck”  from two years ago? When will they manage to get some of these to actually take part in the contest?
Next Saturday is the second semi-final, when we will find out which three, or perhaps four, songs will join tonight’s qualifiers in the final!

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