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Tonight: Super Saturday, and two national finals!

If you look at tonight’s Eurovision schedule, you can tell it’s February. Today is the first “proper” Super Saturday of the 2018 selection season, with no less than nine shows all around Europe. Ukraine, Estonia and Iceland kick off their selection, while Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary and Sweden continue the search. And last but not least, Italy and Denmark will be holding their national final.

🇩🇰 Denmark — Dansk Melodi Grand Prix

Show: Dansk Melodi Grand Prix — Final
When: 20:00 – 22:00 (CET)
Where to watch: DR1

Announced earlier this week, the 10 participants of the 48th DMGP will compete for the Danish ticket in a single show, without any semi-final. The show will take place at the Gigantium arena in Aalborg, and hosted by Annette Heick and Johannes Nymark (member of Lighthouse X, who represented Denmark at Eurovision in 2016).
There will be two rounds of voting. In the first round, a five-member jury and the public will vote, and make up for 50% each of the total score. The top three songs will go to the super-final and the process will be repeated, with public and jury still accounting for 50% each of the final choice.
2014 Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst will perform as the show’s interval act.
And here is the running order:

  1. Ditte Marie — “Riot”
  2. Anna Ritsmar — “Starlight”
  3. Rasmussen — “Higher Ground”
  4. Sannie — “Boys on Girls”
  5. Sandra — “Angels to My Battlefield”
  6. Lasse Meling — “Unfound”
  7. CARLSEN — “Stanting Up for Love”
  8. KARUI — “Signals”
  9. Rikke Ganer-Tolsøe — “Holder fast i ingenting”
  10. Albin Fredy — “Music for the Road”

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🇮🇹 Italy — Festival di Sanremo

Show: Festival della Canzone Italiana di Sanremo — Final
When: 21:10 – 00:10 (CET)
Where to watch: Rai1

After four serate (nights), the Eurovision’s older brother comes to an end tonight, with its final for the Campioni category. The winner of the Campioni (champions) is given the Italian ticket for Eurovision, but can refuse it (as it happened in 2016, for example). 20 songs will compete, for the fourth time.
The voting will be the addition of several nights of mixed voting. For the first three nights, it was a mix of Press jury (30%), demographic jury (30%) — meaning a jury representative of the Italian population — and televote (40%). Since yesterday, it’s a mix of Press jury (30%), experts jury (20%) and televote (50%). After adding the five nights of voting, the top 3 songs will go to the superfinal, where the same voting system will be used (press/experts/televote, in the same proportion) to decide the winner.
Here are the 20 songs (not in the running order):

  • Annalisa — “Il Mondo Prima Di Te”
  • Roby Facchinetti & Riccardo Fogli — “Il Segreto Del Tempo”
  • Nina Zilli — “Senza Appartenere”
  • The Kolors — “Frida (Mai, Mai, Mai)”
  • Diodato & Roy Paci — “Adesso”
  • Mario Biondi — “Rivederti”
  • Luca Barbarossa — “Passame Er Sale”
  • Lo Stato Sociale — “Una Vita in Vacanza”
  • Giovanni Caccamo — “Eterno”
  • Enzo Avitabile & Peppe Servillo — “Il Coraggio di ogni Giorno”
  • Ornella Vanon, Bungaro & Pacifico — “Imparare ad Amarsi”
  • Renzo Rubino — “Custodire”
  • Noemi — “Non Smettere Mai di Cercarmi”
  • Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro — “Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente”
  • Le Vibrazioni — “Così Sbagliato”
  • Ron — “Almeno Pensami”
  • Max Gazzè — “La Leggenda di Cristalda e Pizzomunno”
  • Decibel — “Lettera Dal Duca”
  • Red Canzian — “Ognuno Ha Il Suo Racconto”
  • Elio e le Storie Tese — “Arrivedorci”

🇪🇪 Estonia — Eesti Laul

Show: Eesti Laul — Semi-final 1
When: 20:35 – 22:35 (CET)
Where to watch: ETV

Tonight, Estonia starts searching its representative with Eesti Laul’s first poolfinaal. Ten songs will compete, and five will qualify to the Final. The score will be decided by a jury and the Estonian televote, on a 50/50 share. Among the participants tonight are veterans from Eesti Laul like Aile Alveus-Krautman from Etnopatsy (who was part of Antsud last year), Sig Rästa (who won in 2015 as a singer and 2016 as a composer), and even one of last year’s Eesti Laul hosts, Elina Netšajeva.
The show will be hosted by Kristen Aaslaid and Martin Veisman.
Here are the 10 acts for tonight, in the running order:

  1. Vaké — “Laura (Walk With Me)
  2. Iiris & Anoh — “Drop that Boogie”
  3. Etnopatsy — “Külm”
  4. Sibyl Vane — “Thousand Worlds”
  5. Aden Ray — “Everybody’s Dressed”
  6. Tiiu x Okym x Semy — “Näita oma energiat”
  7. Stig Rästa — “Home”
  8. Miljardid — “Pseudoprobleem”
  9. Desiree — “On My Mind”
  10. Elina Netšajeva — “La Forza”

🇺🇦 Ukraine — Vidbir

Show: Vidbir — Semi-Final 1
When: 18:00 – 21:00 (show) and 21:50-23:00 (results) (CET)
Where to watch: UA:PBC

Ukraine, last year’s Eurovision host, will start their national selection Vidbir tonight, earlier than everyone else! Nine songs will compete, and three acts will qualify to the final, with a 50/50 mix of televoting and jury voting. The interval acts will be provided by O.Torvald, who represented Ukraine last year, and Czech singer Mikolas Jozef, who will perform his Eurovision 2018 song “Lie To Me” tonight!
Despite two interval acts, the time to vote will be long, and as such the show will ened at 21:00, only to go back on TV 50 minutes later to announce the results.
Here is the running order for tonight:

  1. Constantine Dmitriev — “Misto”
  2. Serhiy Babkin — “Kriz tvoyi ochi”
  3. Laud — “Waiting”
  4. Kazka — “Dyva”
  5. The VYO — “Ng’a-Ng’a”
  6. Kozak System — “Mamai”
  7. Vilna — “Forest Song”
  8. pur:pur — “Fire”
  9. The Erised — “Heroes”

🇮🇸 Iceland — Söngvakeppnin

Show: Söngvakeppnin — Semi-Final 1
When: 20:40 – 22:30 (CET)
Where to watch: RÚV

Iceland is also kicking off it’s Söngvakeppnin, with its first Lögin (semi-final). Six of the twelve songs will compete at the Háskólabíói, in Reykjavik. All songs will be performed in Icelandic in the semi-finals, and only in the final will English version be allowed. The Icelandic televote will choose three songs to qualify tonight. The show will be hosted by Jón Jónsson and Ragnhildur Steinunn Jónsdóttir, and Björg Magnúsdóttir will be there for us in the Green Room.
Here is the running order:

  1. Ari Ólafsson – “Heim” (Our Choice)
  2. Fókus hópurinn – “Aldrei gefast upp” (Battleline)
  3. Þórunn Antonía – “Ég mun skína” (Shine)
  4. Guðmundur Þórarinsson – “Litir” (Colours)
  5. Tómas Helgi Wehmeier & Sólborg Guðbrandsdóttir – “Ég og þú”  (Think It Through)
  6. Heimilistónar – “Kúst og fæjó”

Originally, Guðmundur Þórarinsson was to take part in the second semi-final, next week. But his football carrier in Sweden made it impossible for him to attend (as there will be a Swedish Cup match on that day). As such, he swapped places with Þórir Geir Guðmundsson and Gyða Margrét Kristjánsdóttir, who will perform “Brosa” (With You) next week.

🇱🇻 Latvia — Supernova

Show: Supernova — Semi-Final 2
When: 20:25 – 22:55 (CET)
Where to watch: LTV1
and Facebook Live
Latvia’s still looking for its Eurovision act, as the 4th edition of the Supernova selection reaches its second out of three semi-finals. Seven acts will take part, but only two will qualify, thanks to a mix of televote, jury voting and spotify streaming figures. Just like last week, the hosts will be Justs (Latvia 2016) and Dagmāra Legante.
Here is the running order for tonight:

  1. Hypnotic — “Pray”
  2. MADARA — “Esamiba”
  3. Markus Riva — “This Time”
  4. In My Head — “Sunset“
  5. Ritvars — “Who’s Counting“
  6. Monta — “1000 Roses”
  7. Riga Reggae — “STOP THE WAR U2“

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🇱🇹 Lithuania — Eurovizijos

Show: Eurovizijos — Heat 5
When: 20:00 – 22:15 (CET)
Where to watch: LTR1

Lithuania is like the stability we all need in a selection season. Because except on very specific exceptions, LRT will always broadcast a show of Eurovizijos on a Saturday of January/February/March. After four heats, a half of the songs have been eliminated, and 12 of the 24 remaining acts will perform tonight! Only six of them will go to the semi-final, with a 50/50 mix of jury voting and televoting.
Here is the running order for tonight:

  1. Twosome — “Hello”
  2. Milda Rasilavičiūtė — “I Think About You”
  3. Silvija Pankūnaitė & GeraiGerai — “More Than You Know”
  4. Lukas Norkūnas — “Tegu”
  5. Paul — “1 2 3”
  6. Benas Malakauskas — “My Memories”
  7. Godo — “Fire Fountain”
  8. Germanė Kinderytė — “Turn It Up”
  9. Vidas Bareikis — “Pusvalanduko”
  10. Juozas Martin — “Don’t Give Up”
  11. Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė — “That Girl”
  12. Jurgis Brūzga — “4love”

🇸🇪 Sweden — Melodifestivalen

Show: Melodifestivalen — Semi-Final 2
When: 20:00 – 21:30 (CET)
Where to watch: SVT

The most famous national selection continues tonight, with its second out of four semi-finals. Just like last week, seven songs will compete: two will directly qualify to the final, and the 3rd and 4th song will go to Andra Chansen, the second-chance round. The results only come from two rounds of televoting for the semi-finals.
The show will be hosted by David Lindgren and Fredrik Svensson in the Scandinavium, in Gothenburg, where Eurovision took place in 1985. Among the candidates, one can find Polish singer Margaret, who was a favourite to represent Poland in 2016 with “Cool Me Down”.
Here is the running order for tonight:

  1. Samir & Viktor — “Shuffla”
  2. Ida Redig — “Allting Som Vi Ta”
  3. Jonas Gardell — “Det finns en väg”
  4. Margaret — “In My Cabana”
  5. Stiko Per Larsson — “Titta Vi Flyger”
  6. Mimi Werner — “Songburning”
  7. Liamoo — “Last Breath

And if you want more details about how the selection process work, don’t hesitate to watch our very own ESCXTRA infographic explaining all about Melodifestivalen on Facebook!

🇭🇺 Hungary — A Dal

Show: A Dal — Semi-Final 1
When: 20:30 – 22:30 (CET)
Where to watch: Duna

This is the fourth show of the Hungarian selection, after three heats of qualification. Only 18 acts remain in the race, and nine of them will compete tonight. After each song is performed, the four jurors will each rate the song — between 1 and 10 —, and so will the televote, acting as a fifth juror. The top three songs will qualify to the final, and a second round of voting will start, in which viewers at home vote for their favorite song. The act with the most votes will be the fourth qualifier.
The hosts will be Krista Rátonyi and Freddie (Hungary 2016).
Here is the running order for tonight:

  1. Dánielfy Gergely — “Azt mondtad”
  2. Gulyás Roland — “H Y P N O T I Z E D”
  3. Ham ko Ham — “Bármerre jársz”
  4. Heincz Gábor (BIGA) — “Good vibez”
  5. Knoll Gabi — “Nobody to Die For”
  6. Leander Kills — “Not szól harang”
  7. Maszkura és a tücsökraj — “Nagybetűs szavak”
  8. SativuS — “Lusta lány”
  9. Süle Zsolt — “Zöld a május”

And if you want more details about how the selection process work, don’t hesitate to watch our very own ESCXTRA infographic explaining all about A Dal on Facebook!

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