An Xtra Happy Birthday; February 11th

Yesterday on 10th of February three Eurovision ladies that had a birthday. Today however there is one Eurovision lady and three Eurovision birthday boys. All coming from different countries. One was part of an act that got huge support from the televoters. Simone de Oliveira, Serge Lama, Arnolsas  and Gianluca Ginoble were all born on this day.

Simone de Oliveira, 80

Portugal selected Simone to be their representative at Eurovision in 1965, then the show was shown in black and white. Therefore she sang “Sol de Inverno” in Naples, Italy. Unfortunately she only got one point that year.

She was once again selected in 1969 go on Portugal’s behalf to Madrid. This time the show was in color and her green dress is really green. This time she sang the song “Desfolhada portuguesa”. Despite that the song was really popular in Portugal, it did not go so well at Eurovision. Only slightly more points this time, that is 4 points.

Serge Lama, 75

France chose Serge in 1971 to go on their behalf to Dublin, Ireland. Therefore he sang the song “Un Jardin Sur La Terre” on the stage. His charming performance gave France the 10th place out of 18 countries.

Arnoldas Lukošius, 51

Lithuania selected the band LT United in 2006. Arnoldas performed with that group, where they sang the “We Are the Winners” in Kie Ukraine. There they got 163 points which secured them them the 5th place at the final. You can see Lukošius at the left end with the glasses. Wait until he dances!

Gianluca Ginoble, 23

In 2015 Italy took part at Eurovision with the trio II Volo. Gianluca is the guy on the that is starting their entry “Grande Amore”. That they performed at the Grand Final in Vienna. The song was really popular and won over the televoters. However other contestants made a better impression at the jury. That is when the score was combined the II Volo placed third at the Final.

We all here at escXtra would like to wish these three

Hlynur Sigurðsson

Icelandic Eurovision fan!

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