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It’s Eye Cue with “Lost and Found” for FYR Macedonia

Macedonia’s National Broadcaster, MRTV have revealed their Eurovision entry. Poprock group Eye Cue will represent FYR Macedonia with “Lost and Found”.

The popular band was never speculated as a possible Eurovision representative for the small Balkan country. The past few weeks saw multiple artists being mentioned as potential entrants. However, hardly anyone expected Eye Cue to be the chosen one, so it seems like this is a surprise to many.

How did Eye Cue come to be?

MRTV received over 300 submissions to represent the country in Lisbon. Among those, a panel of music professionals felt that Eye Cue with their entry “Lost and Found” were the most competent project overall and got the golden ticket to Eurovision.

Borjan Trajkovski has written the lyrics for Eye Cue’s entry. Furthermore, Darko Dimitrov has produced the song. MRTV will reveal the song at a later date. Trajkovski is also one of the members of the Macedonian band that will now fly their flag to the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

The act is described as pop rock, which may well be a new direction for FYR Macedonia. At the bottom of this article, you can see one of their old songs. “”Najdobar” is one of their most popular songs. They released it in February 2017.

Darko Dimitrov is no stranger when it comes to Eurovision. This year he’s also written songs for Beovizija. He’ll be hoping to win the Serbian national final, as well as being behind the Macedonian one. He is also behind the best scoring Macedonian entry “Ninanajna” by Elena Risteska back in 2006.

Macedonia at Eurovision

The small Balkan country started it’s Eurovision journey in the distant 1998 with Vlado Janveski’s “Ne Zori, Zoro”, finishing nineteenth with sixteen points. Some of the more significant entries include “Life” by the late Tose Proeski, Elena’s “Ninanajna” and Kaliopi’s “Crno i Belo“.

Last year, Jana Burceska failed to reach the final with her “Dance Alone” despite being a fan favourite. Jana finished fifteenth out of eighteen competing songs in the second Semi-Final. However, she left Kyiv with an engagement ring around her finger, so it wasn’t all bad for her!

Are you looking forward to hearing Eye Cue’s Eurovision entry? Do you think their effort might take the country back to the Eurovision finals? What is your favorite Macedonian entry at Eurovision?

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