Markus Riva reinstated for Supernova final

The final of Supernova 2018 will not count six, but seven acts. After his shock exit on Saturday, Markus Riva has been reinstated for the final. The reason LTV gave is a technical glitch on the online voting platform.

Ritvars benefits

According to LTV, there was a technical issue on their online voting platform. Due to that error, the organisers of Supernova believe Ritvars may have had an advantage. A picture of Riga Reggae was displayed above the voting link to Ritvars’s song. LTV now believe that that may have caused people to give Ritvars extra votes.

The online voting was one of the ways to decide upon the qualifiers for the final. As well as that voting, we also saw SMS/telephone voting, a jury voting and the count of Spotify streams. After investigation, LTV found out that Markus Riva would have landed in second place, had online voting not taken place.

Therefore, the organisers believe the technical glitch influenced the results of last week’s show. Markus Riva will therefore be added to the line-up of the final. MADARA still won the show, but Ritvars now moves down to third. However, the Supernova organisers see no reason to disqualify him as the error wasn’t his fault. He will therefore still take part in the final.

Markus Riva’s shock exit

The shock was quite big in Latvia last Saturday. Pre-contest favourite Markus Riva originally failed to make it through to the final. Riva has quite a bit of Supernova experience, having taken part multiple times. He even was on the jury of the show once.

Markus Riva will take part in the final of Supernova, which will take place on 24th February 2018. He will do so with his song “This Time”.

What do you think about the decision to reinstate Markus Riva for the final of Supernova 2018? Let us know!

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  1. pfew… This Time is way better than Ritvars’ song. Hope Markus Riva wins it all and get to see him in Lisbon. 🙂

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