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RTCG releases Montevizija 2018 snippets

We’re getting sounds from Montenegro! RTCG has now published snippets of each of the entries taking part in Montevizija 2018.

Five hopefuls, five clips

RTCG has decided to put all clips into one video, accompanied by bits of official videos. It sure seems like all five acts have recorded full official videos for their Montevizija 2018 entries.

On 16th January, RTCG told the people which acts were taking part in Montevizija 2018. The Montenegrin broadcaster received just 31 submissions for their national final. They decided to select five for the live show. The five acts taking part in Montevizija 2018 are:

  1. Nina Petković – Dišem
  2. Vanja Radovanović – Inje
  3. Ivana Popović Martinović – Poljupci
  4. Katarina Bogićević – Neželjena
  5. Lorena Janković – Dušu mi daj

Montevizija on Saturday

Montenegro will have their national final on Saturday, 17th February. The five acts will then fight it out for the Montenegrin ticket to Lisbon. After two years of missing out on the final, the Montenegrin broadcaster will be hoping to make it back into Saturday’s Grand Final.

Montenegro’s best result at the Eurovision Song Contest came in Vienna. In Saturday’s Grand Final of the 2015 contest, Knez represented Montengro. He finished in a respectable thirteenth place with his song “Adio”.

Who is your favourite from this short clip? Who would you like to see winning Montevizija 2018 and represent Montenegro in Lisbon? Make sure you let us know below who stands out for you!

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