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From Molitva to In Too Deep – Nina covers them all

We all like to relive some memories once in a while. 2011 Eurovision entrant Nina has the same. She’s taken a dive into Serbia’s Eurovision history and released a video of all their entries up to 2017.

From “Molitva” to “In Too Deep”

Nina really handles them all. She kicks the video off with Serbia’s first ever Eurovision entry, “Molitva”. She moves through them in chronological order and of course she doesn’t skip her own 2011 effort “Caroban”.

After an absence from music, the singer has been getting back into it. Lately, she’s been releasing a couple of covers on her YouTube channel. In late 2016, she released her first single in quite a while, called “Colors of My Love“.

Australian adventure

A couple of years ago, Nina moved to Australia. She went there to study and has recently handed in her PhD thesis in Biomedical Science. She then also added she was looking forward to a new adventure. An adventure without studying…

Make sure to check out Nina’s video below! Let us know what you think!

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