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Scheduling issues reason behind RAI’s semifinal request

During the semi-final allocation draw, it was announced that Italy would vote in the second semi. That had been decided after RAI filed an official request to vote on the Thursday. The Italian broadcaster has now revealed why: Scheduling issues.

Increasing popularity

On 8th May, RAI will air the final of The Voice of Italy. The talent show is quite popular in Italy and will return after not airing in 2017. With Eurovision veteran Al Bano as new coach, alongside J-Ax, Francesco Renga and Cristina Scabbia, the show is hoping for some good ratings.

RAI has now explained that they do not want the two music shows to clash. They feel Eurovision has been gaining popularity in Italy. To then let it clash with a show as popular as The Voice of Italy would surely not benefit the viewing figures for the semi-finals of Eurovision.

EBU have granted the request RAI have made. Several countries have in previous years requested to vote and/or take part in specific semi-finals. Those requests have often been accepted by the Eurovision organisers.


Italy will bring a message to the Eurovision Song Contest this year. Last Saturday, Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro won the 68th Festival di Sanremo. They were the hot favourites with their song “Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente”.

The song speaks of the effects of terrorism. The singers claim the world manages to move on every time terrorists strike. In the song, they refer to several terrorist strikes of the past few years, such as Nice and London.

Both Moro and Meta are no strangers to the Festival di Sanremo. Just last year, both of them took part as solo entrants. Fabrizio Moro finished in seventh with “Portami Via”, Ermal Meta came a lot closer to winning. His “Vietato Morire” finished in third.

For 2018, the pair decided to team up. They survived a minor disqualification scare on Wednesday and retained their position as favourites to win Sanremo.

Is The Voice of Italy a good reason for Italy to request voting in the second semi? Let us know what you think!

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