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Two acts seemingly disqualified from Ellinikós Telikós

The drama just won’t stop in Greece this year. After previously disqualifying acts for not sounding Greek enough, it now seems the entire national final is in danger. Seemingly, two other acts, Areti Ketime and Chorostalites, have been disqualified, leaving just one act in competition at the moment: Gianna Terzi. One of those has now spoken out on Facebook.

Financial trouble

The story being reported in Greek media at the moment is all about a sum of money required from participating record labels. The three record labels involved all needed to pay a sum of €20,000 to take part in the show. Panik Records, Spider Records and Spicy Records all sent one act in for Ellinikós Telikós 2018.

The report now says that both Spider and Spicy have failed to pay the amount to ERT. Therefore, ERT would have taken the decision to disqualify their acts: Areti Ketime and Chorostalites.

Areti Ketime reacts

The hot favourite to win the national final was Areti Ketime. She responded on Facebook, where she sort of confirmed the fact that she will no longer be taking part in Thursday’s national final. After saying she has now also heard the news of being disqualified, she claims she and her record company did not know about the amount:

If ERT had wanted an internal selection, they should have been more clear on the matter instead of notifying the record labels last moment about the amount.

The internal selection Areti Ketime is talking about is the fact that two of three acts have been removed from the competition. Only Gianna Terzi is still there, as her company Panik Records paid the sum to ERT. Her entry for Ellinikós Telikós 2018 is called “Oneiro Mou”, which is available on iTunes here.

Gianna Terzi for Lisbon?

It’s not all crystal clear at the moment. At the moment of writing this, it seems Gianna Terzi is the only remaining competitor in Greece. However, ERT is not quite clear. Some of Greece’s media are reporting that both Spider and Spicy Records have asked for a deadline extension. Both Areti Ketime and Chorostalites still want to take part in the national final.

The time is short, though. The national final is scheduled to take place next Thursday. We’ll make sure to keep an eye out for each bit of news coming from ERT in the upcoming days!

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  • Erwin Habisch

    Does Greek intend to give the impact of a banana republic? If tha’t the case this is the perfect way to do so.

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