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Saara Aalto releases second song “Domino”

The second song is here! Saara Aalto has just dropped her second potential Eurovision effort. The title of this one is “Domino”.

From “Monsters” to “Domino”

Last week, Saara already released her first effort for UMK 2018. “Monsters” was the first song to see daylight. Her new one is called “Domino” and can be described as a midtempo effort.

Where her first video had a lot of glitter, glamour and dancers in it, this one does not. Saara has just a couple of dancers and a whole lot of smoke! This video was directed by Alex Herron.

The people behind “Domino” are no strangers to Eurovision. Thomas G: son, Bobby Ljunggren, Johnny Sanchez, Will Taylor and Saara herself are credited as songwriters.

Next week, we’ll get Saara Aalto’s third song. That one will be called “Queens”, written by Saara Aalto, Tom Aspaul, Daniel James Denis Goudie and Ash Milton.

UMK 2018: Saara Aalto

After originally opening the Finnish selection up to any artist interested, YLE took a U-turn when they chose Saara Aalto. UMK 2018 is dedicated to the former UK X Factor runner-up only. She will have three songs, one of which will go to Eurovision.

Mikko Silvennoinen and Krista Siegfrids will host the show. The show will come live from the Espoo Metro Areena in Espoo. It will all take place on 3rd March.

What do you think about Saara’s second Eurovision effort? Do you prefer “Domino” over “Monsters”? Let us know!

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