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It’s Gianna Terzi for Greece in Lisbon

The Greek drama seems to finally be coming to an end now when Greek broadcaster ERT announces Gianna Terzi and the song “To Oniro mou” (My dream) as the country’s entry for Eurovision in Lisbon.

As previously mentioned, the three record companies who had passed the pre-selection phase of ERT’s organizing committee, had to submit the bank deposits required by ERT at the beginning of the week.  However, two of them failed to do so, leaving the record label  of Gianna Terzi, Panik Records, as the only candidate. They responded within the timeframe. Since ERT decided not to extend the deadline further, two other acts were disqualified.

National final cancelled

The disqualification of two acts also made sure only one act remained in competition. That already led to rumours that Gianna Terzi could get the ticket for the Eurovision Song Contest based on an internal selection.

ERT has since confirmed the news on their own website. They also confirmed the disqualification of both Areti Ketime and Chorostalites. They have now confirmed Gianna Terzi’s “Oniro Mou” as their entry for Lisbon. Ari Kalimeri, Mihalis Papathanasiou and Dimitris Stamatiou are the composers of the entry.

Gianna Terzi is the daughter of one of Greece’s most famous singers, Paschalis Terzis. The 37 year old will take her first steps on the Eurovision stage.

Below you can listen to the Greek entry by Gianna Terzi “Oniro mou”

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