Pastora Soler releases “Ni Una Más” video

She’s one of those artists the Eurovision world will not soon forget: Pastora Soler. The Spanish diva is now back with a new single: “Ni Una Más”.

Ni Una Más

Supported by a couple of nice guitars, her new single is less of a ballad than we’re used to. That doesn’t take away the piercing vocals Pastora Soler manages to show throughout her entire repetoire.

On Facebook, Pastora posted an introduction statement, which said:

And don’t forget how important it is to have it clear and put us in our place when it comes the time to say #NotOneMore.

A fan favourite

It’s been six years since Pastora took to the Eurovision stage. She is responsible for (in)famous hashtags such as #TodosConPastora and revived the hopes of all Spanish Eurovision fans when “Quédate Conmigo” became her Eurovision entry in Baku.

Pastora Soler then entered a rough time. In late 2014, the Spanish songstress announced her withdrawal from music after dealing with stage fright. She made her comeback in 2017, when she released “La Tormenta“.

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