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Songs chosen for San Marino’s 1in360 finalists

The second heat of San Marino’s National selection, 1in360, just aired and the panel of judges chose the songs the acts will perform at the grand final.

After the second heat, the panel of music experts including Zoë Straub, Alessandro Capicchioni and Neon Hitch, have decided as to which artist will be paired with which song. Each artist performed one song in each heat and the judges had to pick which of the two suited the style of the performer better.

However, three artists ended up with the exact same entry, titled “Stay”, written by Zoë & Christoph Straub.

1in360 finalists

The complete lineup of the artists with the song they were paired up with:

  1. Basti – Stay
  2. Camilla North – Yo no soy tu chica
  3. Emma Sandström – Diamonds
  4. Franklin Calleja – Stay
  5. Giovanni Montalbano – Per quello che mi dai
  6. IROL feat. Basti – Sorry
  7. Jenifer Brening – Until the Morning Light
  8. Jessika feat. IROL – Who We Are
  9. Judah Gavra – Stay
  10. Sara de Blue – Out of the Twilight
  11. Tinashe Makura – Free Yourself

Both the recorded shows and live final will be available to see on the broadcasters main channel San Marino RTV. Additionally, the show is available to an even wider audience through live streaming on the 1in360 YouTube channel here.

San Marino at Eurovision

San Marino has managed to qualify for the Eurovision final on one occasion thus far. This was achieved in 2014 when Valentina Monetta represented her nation for the third time with Maybe (Forse). On her 4th (and most recent) attempt to bring the Eurovision Song Contest in San Marino, Valentina accompanied by Jimmie Willsion achiever her worst result yet. Despite bringing the party on stage “Spirit of the night” finished last managing to score only one point from the German jury.

⇓ What our team had to say about “Spirit of the night” in the Xtra Files ⇓

The Xtra Files: We Review San Marino’s ‘Spirit Of The Night’ by Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson!

Will you be tuning in for the final of 1in360 on the 3rd of March? Who would you like to see winning the ticket to Lisbon? What do you think of the concept of the show?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below and on all social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter at @ESCXTRA

Comments on Songs chosen for San Marino’s 1in360 finalists

  • Ronny Schmidt

    My favorite Singer is Jenifer Brening her Voice is very Beautyfull and her Performance was the best on all heats

  • Kurt Herholtz

    Jenifer Brening – ,,Until The Morning Light” The Best Perfomance , My Favorite

  • Annette Mewes-Thoms

    “Until the morning light” with Jenifer Brening is my favourite. Both are strong, Jenifer’s voice and the song. LOVE this song.

  • Steffi

    Jenifer Brening was amazing! She has a beautiful voice❤🖒

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