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Tonight: Belarus decide and San Marino present 2nd heat of 1 in 360

Tonight we have a great warm up to tomorrow’s Super Saturday. First, we will be treated to another heat from San Marino’s 1 in 360 competition. Lastly, Belarus will present its national final, Eurofest, and choose its entry for Lisbon 2018.

 Belarus — Eurofest

Show: Eurofest — Final
When: 20:10 – 22:50 (CET)
Where to watch:

From an inital 93 entries, we have have 10 finalists performing tonight at Eurofest 2018.  This year, BTRC allowed foreign singers, lyricists, and composers to compete.  The national final will see both Teo and Olga Ryzhikova as hosts. The winner will be determined through a combination of 50% jury vote and 50% public vote. However, in case of a tie the jury vote will take preference over the public vote.
The favourite to win tonight is the song ‘Forever’ by Alekseev. Recently, there was some controversy over the participation of the Ukrainian singer.  Fellow finalists had threatened to quit the show as it was believed that Alekseev’s song was in breach of the show’s rules.  Broadcaster BTRC has since ruled the song eligible to participate, but Sofi Lapina has indeed withdrawn in protest. So, we shall await what happens at Belarus’ national final.
Here is the list of finalists:

  1. Adagio – Ti i ya (You and Me)
  2. Alekseev – Forever
  3. Alen Hit – I Don’t Care
  4. Anastasiya Malashkevich – World on Fire
  5. Gunesh – I Won’t Cry
  6. Kirill Gud – Deja Vu
  7. Lexy – Ain’t You
  8. NAPOLI – Chasing Rushes
  9. Radiovolna – Subway Lines
  10. Shuma – Kmarki (Clouds)

Don’t forget to read our reviews of the 10 songs.

 San Marino — 1 in 360

Show: 1 in 360 — Heat 2
When: 20:00 – 21:50 (CET)
Where to watch: SMRTV

The 11 acts from Heat 1 continue tonight with another song entering the selection. Like last week, this second song will be performed accoustically in front of the judges.  After the show has finished, the judges will then select one song for each artist, and this will become their official entry into the grand final on Saturday 3rd March 2018.
The list of finalists:

  • Sara de Blue (Austria)
  • Franklin Calleja (Malta)
  • Judah Gavra (Israel)
  • Jessika (Malta)
  • Tinashe Makura (Zimbabwe)
  • Camilla North (Norway)
  • Sebastian Schmidt (Germany)
  • Jenifer Besky (Germany)
  • Irol (San Marino)
  • Emma Sandström (Finland)
  • Giovanni Montalbano (Italy)


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