Robin Stjernberg releases and talks about “his best song yet”: Love

Since representing Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013, Robin Stjernberg has released an album and numerous singles, as well as co-writing last year’s Swedish entry, Robin Bengtsson’s I Can’t Go On. Now, he has released another single, titled Love.

A song for my best friend’s wedding

The song is created for Robin’s best friend – years ago, he promised to write her a song for her wedding.

Love is powerful, organic, filled with love as well as a rawness. It’s the best song I’ve ever written. It wrote itself within 20 minutes. It was almost unnerving how easy it was, like my fingers and mouth just worked by themselves. It’s really an honour to experience something like that as a songwriter.

Robin feels that this song marks him “going to the next level” after having struggled with finding his creativity over the last few years. Now though, it has clearly returned!

I realised that I needed the dip to get myself to the next level. I have developed a lot lately and have found a calmness and security in myself. For me it’s been about accepting that everything doesn’t have to be perfect, neither in the music or as a human being.

What do you think of Robin Stjernberg’s new single, Love? Do you prefer it to his Eurovision entry, You?
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