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Vanja Radovanovic wins Montenegro’s Montevizija 2018 with “Inje”

Vanja Radovanovic has just won Montenegro’s National selection, Montevizija 2018 and he will represent the beautiful Balkan country at Eurovision with the song “Inje”.
Five acts competed in this years revival of Montevizija and Vanja came out victorious by winning over the hearts of the viewers at home.

Montenegro’s RTCG to donate all the proceeds from Montevizija to charity

Montevizija 2018 lineup

  1. Nina Petković – Dišem
  2. Vanja Radovanović – Inje
  3. Ivana Popović Martinović – Poljupci
  4. Katarina Bogićević – Neželjena
  5. Lorena Janković – Dušu mi daj

The Results

Interesting plot twist, why have one when you can have two rounds of televote. And the top three from the first round featured these three acts:

  1. Katarina Bogićević – Neželjena
  2. Vanja Radovanović – Inje
  3. Lorena Janković – Dušu mi daj

The order in which the top three was announced random and we couldn’t know who won the public vote.

However, in the second round, viewers could only cast one SMS for their favorite song (the first round was limited to 20 votes per number).
Vanja managed to win over the televote in the second round and represent the country with his emotional ballad “Inje”. Congratulations and Good Luck in Lisbon.
Montenegro at Eurovision
The beautiful mountainous Balkan country has taken part at the Eurovision Song Contest 9 times, managing to qualify for the grand final on two occasions only, in 2014 and 2015.
Their highest scoring entry to date is their 2015 entry “Adio” by Knez.
Despite not qualifying for the grand final, Montenegro’s 2017 representative – Slavko remains one of the most memorable characters of this year’s contest. His entry “Space” finished 16th out of 18 competing songs in the first semi final.

Check out Vanja’s performance of his winning entry “Inje”

What do you think of “Inje”? Do you like the performance? Is Montenegro in with a shot at qualifying?
Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below and on all social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter at @ESCXTRA.

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