An Xtra Happy Birthday; February 17th!

Yesterday on 16th of February were four birthday boys. Today are also four Eurovision artist that have a birthday, however this time two men and two ladies. These birthday people seem to connect in more ways the just the average way. Because their results and experience at Eurovision are quite alike.  Two of them took part in Luxembourg city and both had the same results. Not the same year though. In addition the other two took part in the same year and finished next to each other on the scoreboard. Ulla Pia, Ben Cramer, Vahe Tilbian and Elhaida Dani were all born on this day.

Ulla Pia, 73

In 1966, Denmark chose Ulla to be there act at Eurovision in Luxembourg city. Therefore she song “Stop – mens legen er go”, along with two dancers. Then it was rather unusual to have dancers on the stage. At the end of the show, the song came 14th out of 18 acts. The year after Denmark withdrew from the contest. Guess they took the song serious and stopped;) . Denmark returned back to Eurovision in 1978.

Ben Cramer, 71

Cramer tried few times at the national selection in The Netherlands, 1970, 1973 and 1981. However 1973 was truly his year, since he performed alone four songs. That is one of them was chosen to go to Luxembourg city. “De Oude Muzikant”  was the winning song. Just as Pia’s song in Luxembourg, Cramer’s got the 14th place in his year.

Vahe Tilbian, 38

Armenia selected the group Genealogy to go on their behalf to Vienna, Austria. Vahe was a part of that group. One of them was from Armenia, but the other 5 were each from different continents.  Tilbian, bearded guy in the video is from Ethiopia. They performed their song “Face The Shadow” at the first Semi-Final, and again at the Grand final. Where they landed the 16th place.

Elhaida Dani, 25

In 2014, Dani won the Albanian national selection in  with the song “Diell“. Which was was suppose to perform the year after, same year as Vahe Tilbian. However the songwriters withdrew their song from Eurovision. That is why she had to select a new song, “I’m Alive”, which was sung in Vienna. Elhaid also made it to the final and place in 17th place! Kinda incredible that the birthday stars of the day were next to each other on the scoreboard.

We all here at escXtra would like to wish them all a wonderful birthday!

Hlynur Sigurðsson

Icelandic Eurovision fan!

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