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iTunes/Spotify success in Sweden?

Viewing figures are down, so are voting numbers and fans claim this is the worst edition of Melodifestivalen, perhaps ever. However, it’s interesting looking at how the MF entries and other Eurovision related music is doing in the Swedish charts. We had a look at the Swedish the Top 50 lists of iTunes and Spotify. 


On iTunes we’re off to a good start, as we find the first Melodifestivalen entry in 5th place. This is Margaret and her “In My Cabana“, a song that managed to qualify for Andra chansen. Sweden does not have a very good track record when it comes to voting for artists who aren’t Swedish, so it will be very interesting to see whether Margaret’s iTunes success will effect her result in Andra Chansen.
The next Eurovision related song we find on the iTunes top list is Saara Aalto’s second entry in Finland, “Domino“. This song is in 17th place for now. Then we have to scroll all the way down to spot 41 to find the next, and last, song; Sigrid Bernson’s “Patrick Swayze“.
This means that none of the songs from semi-final 3 has made their way into the iTunes list yet.


We need to look a bit further down on the list to find the first Eurovision related song on the Swedish Spotify list. However, this is one of the songs from this weekend’s heat in Melodifestivalen; Mendez’ “Everyday”. In 31st place we find Moncho and his “Cuba Libre”. Moncho also competed in heat 3, and both these guys, like Margaret, qualified for Andra chansen.

Dotter, with the rather unusual Melodifestivalen entry “Cry”, is the next song on the list, in 35th place. In this weekend’s heat she finished second to last, but she seems to be more popular than many of the other MF participants. At least on Spotify. Three spots further down we find Margaret and “In My Cabana” again, which means that she’s the most popular of the songs, being the first to appear on both lists. Sigrid Bernson and “Patrick Swayze” are also on both list, as she is on 49th place on the Spotify top 50 list.
We don’t of course know how the direct qualifiers will do, when they are released, but for now, this is not a very encouraging result. What do you think this says about this year’s edition of Melodifestivalen? Is the quality of the entries and artists not as good as in earlier years? Or are there entirely different reasons for this rather weak performance on the iTunes and Spotify? 

Comments on iTunes/Spotify success in Sweden?

  • Robbert

    Maybe the actual mf concept has had its time. Show over music, led-screens more important than the quality of the songs. People might be fed up with empty fireworks and long for the emotion of a beautiful song, which is not offered to them by Björkman’s selection committee?

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