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Hovig is the 2018 Cypriot spokesperson

Hovig, who represented Cyprus at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, is a busy guy these days. Only a short while ago, the Cypriot Head of Delegation announced that Hovig will be the country’s spokesperson in Lisbon. And he has a new single out!

Hovig says that “Words Are Never Easy”

Hovig’s new single, “Words Are Never Easy”, is a mid-tempo love song. There is also a lyrics video, that you can check out below. After qualifying for the Eurovision grand final in Kyiv last May, Hovig enjoyed a fair bit of success in his home country. Now he’s hoping that “Words Are Never Enough” will achieve the same success.

A possible return to Eurovision?

The fact that he has now been chosen to be “the face of Cyprus” by reading the results of the Cypriot jury, shows that he’s still very much appreciated. Perhaps he will return to the Eurovision stage at some point?
When Hovig won the right to represent Cyprus last year, with the song “Gravity”, it was his third attempt at winning the Cypriot ticket to Eurovision. And although he did manage to qualify for the final, his 21st place probably makes him feel he has a job to do at Eurovision.

What do you think of “Words Are Never Easy”? Do you think it might have been a good Eurovision entry? 

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