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You have predicted Sanja Ilić & Balkanika to win tonight’s Serbian national final!

Over the last couple of days, you have been submitting your predictions for round nine of Eurovision Prediction 2018. The first part of your task this time was to choose who will win the final of Beovizija in Serbia. Therefore, let’s take a look at who you collectively expect to win the Serbian ticket to Lisbon tonight!

Let’s look at the statistics

During this ninth round of Eurovision Prediction 2018, 94 of you have predicted who you think will take the victory in Serbia. Here are the entries that have been predicted to win in order of frequency, from most to least:

  1. Sanja Ilić & Balkanika “Nova deca” – 52.1% (49 predictions to win)
  2. Biber & DJ Niko Bravo “Jutros (Svatovi)” – 21.3% (20 predictions to win)
  3. Saška Janks “Pesma za tebe” – 14.9% (14 predictions to win)
  4. Maja Nikolić “Zemlja čuda” – 5.3% (5 predictions to win)
  5. Danijel Pavlović “Ruža sudbine” – 3.2% (3 predictions to win)
  6. Boris Režak “Vila” – 2.1% (2 predictions to win)
  7. Ivan Kurtić “Ni sunca ni meseca” – 1.1% (1 prediction to win)

The other 10 competing artists all received zero predictions to win. Percentages may not add up to 100% due to rounding.
So, are you in the majority that expects Sanja Ilić & Balkanika to take the victory? Or perhaps you are expecting an underdog to come through? So far, the majority of Eurovision Prediction players have predicted 7 out of 12 national final winners correctly. Most recently, the majority of you incorrectly predicted Nina Petković to win the Montenegrin national final. Instead, it was Vanja Radovanović who took the win!

Stay tuned for the official round nine results

Next Wednesday (February 28th), we will reveal the official results for both round nine and ten of Eurovision Prediction 2018. This will, of course, include the results from tonight’s Serbian prediction. There, you will be able to see how you fare against the rest of the competition!
In the meantime, the current scoreboard following the conclusion of round eight can be found here.

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