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Sanja Ilić and Balkanika win Beovizija 2018

Beovizija 2018 has just finished. Serbia has its Eurovision representative! They have chosen Sanja Ilić and Balkanika with the song “Nova Deca”.

Clear winners

Serbia is the thirteenth country to reveal their song for this years contest which might just be their lucky number. After almost three hours, they chose their act for Lisbon.

The winner was determined by a split vote between the jury and the public. The panel of music professionals consisted of  Vojkan Borisavljevic, Ivana Peters, Dusan Algic Dejan Petrovic and Zeljko Vasic.

During the jury voting, two songs emerged as jury favourites. Sanja Ilić and Balkanika and Saška Janković ran away there from the rest of the field. Eventually, Sanja & Balkanika’s “Nova Deca” was the jury favourite, with “Pesma Za Tebe” in second place. “Ni sunca, ni meseca” ended in third.

The SMS voting then followed the juries’ example. Sanja Ilić and Balkanika received the twelve points there as well and will go on to represent Serbia in Lisbon.

Beovizija 2018 lineup

As you can see below, there was a clear winner tonight. No surprise to you, as “Nova Deca” was also the most predicted entry in our Eurovision Prediction! Former Eurovision entrant Rambo Amadeus ended in ninth place with just four points.

  1. Sanja Ilić and Balkanika – Nova deca: 24
  2. Saška Janković – Pesma za tebe: 20
  3. Dušan Svilar – Pod krošnjom bagrema: 15
  4. Lord – Samo nek se okreće: 12
  5. Biber and DJ Niko Bravo – Jutros (Svatovi): 12
  6. Ivan Kurtić – Ni sunca, ni meseca: 10
  7. Boris Režak –Vila: 9
  8. Danijel Pavlović – Ruža sudbine: 6
  9. Rambo Amadeus and Beti Đorđević – Nema te: 4
  10. Maja Nikolić – Zemlja čuda: 3
  11. Koktel Balkan – Zato: 1
  12. Lana and Aldo – Jača sam od svih: 0
  13. Igor Lazarević – Beži od mene: 0
  14. BASS – Umoran: 0
  15. SevdahBABY – Hajde da igramo sada: 0
  16. Srđan & Emil – Bar da znam: 0
  17. Osmi Vazduh and Friends – Probudi se: 0

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