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Waylon’s song to be revealed on 3rd of March

Already back in November, Avrotros confirmed that Waylon would represent the Netherlands at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon. His entry, however, has not yet been revealed. recently reported that this will happen on 3 March.

Entry to be revealed on TV-show The World

The reveal will happen during the TV-show The World. However, instead of just having a straightforward reveal of the actual entry, Waylon will perform five different songs on the show, one song each night for a week. He has of course already decided which song he will perform on the Eurovision stage, but only on the final night will he reveal which of the songs he has chosen. He says that he decided to stay true to himself, as that’s what he feels works the best.

Being nervous won’t help

During an interview on The World, Waylon has said that the run up to the reveal of his song is pretty hectic and busy. He is however not worried about the reception his song will get. Being nervous doesn’t make much sense, since people’s reactions will be what they are, no matter if he’s nervous or not, he said.

Waylon’s second go at Eurovision victory

This will be Waylon’s second attempt at winning Eurovision. He very nearly succeeded last time, back in 2014. As half of The Common Linnets, with Ilse DeLange making up the other half, he finished second with “Calm After the Storm”. This is the best Dutch result since their victory all the way back in 1975.

Waylon will perform his song in the second semi-final, which takes place on 10 May. He will obviously be hoping for a repeat of the semi-final result in Copenhagen; The Common Linnets won their semi! 

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