Ed Sheeran would love to write a UK Eurovision song

Ed Sheeran has said he would love to write a Eurovision entry for the United Kingdom. He spoke to BBC’s 5 Live radio station before the Brit Awards in London on Wednesday. 

“I would love to write a Eurovision song”

Ed Sheeran is currently one of the biggest names in music to come from the UK, so his interest in the UK at Eurovision is very significant. The United Kingdom last won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1997 and has since often struggled to find a potential winning song. Ed’s latest album ‘Divide’ was a major hit around the world and was the best selling album of 2017 in countries including Denmark, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.

“I don’t know that I’d ever enter it singing it. But I don’t think the rest of Europe wants England to win because of history and stuff.”

This year, the United Kingdom will be represented by SuRie with the song ‘Storm’ after winning Eurovision: You Decide earlier this month.

What do you think of Ed Sheeran’s comments? Do you think he could produce a winning UK song? Let us know!

Tom O'Donoghue

Music photographer based in Somerset, United Kingdom. Photographer for London Eurovision Party.

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