Edgars Kreilis: “To be honest, Eurovision could be a life changer”

Edgars Kreilis is one of the finalists for this year’s “Supernova” and will sing for the win in the final this weekend! Last year he participated in Supernova with “We Are Angels“. This year he tries to represent Latvia in Eurovision with his song “Younger Days”! Before Saturdays final, we had the chance to have a little interview with him.
Hey Edgars. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions. How has it been since the Supernova semi-final?
Hey! Happy to be a part of this great interview! Well, it feels like that the Finals are around the corner. Because of my daily routine, work and other responsibilities, I am quite busy, but I still manage to find a time for rehearsals. Looking forward to see what the next weekend is going to bring.
This year you participate with “Younger Days“. What does the song mean to you?
I know that most of the songs are written based on love, but I wrote it based on my childhood memories. It’s actually hard to talk about it, because it’s about how I overcame late-night fights between my parents. Back then, in my younger days, I experienced many painful episodes, but now it doesn’t hurt as then because what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, you know. Unfortunately, violence in families is a common thing in our world, that’s why I wrote a song which could build awareness. Some kids can handle it, but some can’t and they start to use alcohol and drugs in young age but we don’t want that to happen, right?
Speaking about your performance. Do you have some changes in mind for the final or Lisbon in case you win? Or do you want to keep it simple and dynamic the way it is?
I will stick to my dynamic plan, because for me simplicity is art, too. Who knows how it’ll turn out in the Finals, but some changes will be and I hope it will be for good.
What would it mean to represent Latvia in Eurovision and when did you started thinking about taking part?
To be honest, it could be a life changer not only for myself but also for my family. I would really love to be a part of something so great called ‘’Eurovision’’ and to represent my country would definitely be a very, very big honor for me.
How does your personal life look like, when you’re not on stage?
Well, I have a daily job every day from 3 pm – 9 pm. Till 3 pm I have a time for interviews, meetings and everything else to prepare myself for the finals and after 9 pm I usually have rehearsals, ice-hockey training or concerts, but it depends on the day. At the moment it’s really hard to pull it all off, but nothing good comes easy, right?
Do you have any hidden talents?
Besides of music, I can highlight ice-hockey, because music is more for my mental fulfillness, but ice-hockey, for my physical. As you might know, everything has to be in balance, that’s why I’m active not only in music but also in sports.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
This is a very good question! To be honest, you never know where life will take you unless you know where you are heading to. I definitely see myself as a full-time musician, because that is what I’ve been dreaming since I was a kid. Also, I hope to make a positive impact in other people’s lives, to go on tour around the world and to make great hits. Everything is possible, but it depends on how strong the attitude, patience and work ethic will be.
What’s your favorite place on earth?
At the moment my favorite place on earth is my hometown because for every one of us our homes is where our hearts belong, but if I have to choose from places where I was before I would go back to Italy, Lake Garda. Loved that place!
Who is your biggest inspiration in life?
I don’t have just one specific person, because there are too many great people to follow to, like Will Smith, Dwayne Johnson, Stephen Amell, James Arthur and so on. Not only musicians, but also actors and athletes are inspiring me to become better every single day.
In the end, would you like to say something to the readers at ESCXTRA?
First of all, whatever you do and whoever you are, I wish success in everything that you do! The main thing is – don’t forget to dream, believe and to take action. Secondly, Thank you for showing us (musicians) the love and support that you give – it really means a lot to us! There is a quote: ‘’You get what you give’’, that’s why I’m sending you a lot of love and many great wishes to get the best from this life!
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer the questions, Edgars! Best of luck for Saturdays final of Supernova.
You can listen to his entry “Younger Days” below:

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Hey, I'm Dominik from Germany. Watched my first Eurovision in 2003 and I was in love right away! Attended my first contest in 2011 and every contest since 2013. The same happened with Melodifestivalen. Started watching in 2006 and been to every final since 2017 and try to make it to at least one heat each year, too. After all, Melodifestivalen is the real deal ♥

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