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Tonight: Germany national final and the 2nd semi final for Armenia

Tonight we have yet more national interest leading into the weekend. First up, we will be treated to the 2nd Semi Final of Depi Evratesil in Armenia. We will finish the night off with Germany choosing its Eurovision entry in Unser Lied Für Lissabon.

Armenia — Depi Evratesil

Show: Depi Evratesil — Semi Final 2
When: 19:10 – 20:10 (CET)
Where to watch:

The second season of Depi Evratesil continues with the second Semi Final.  On Monday we saw five acts advance to Sunday’s Final in a show that raised a few eyebrows.  It was largely thought that Tamar Kaprelian would qualify with her song “Poison (Ari Ari)“, yet she fell at the Semi Final stage.
Tonight, we see the next 10 acts compete for a place in the Final.  Here is the running order:

  1. Maria’s Secret – “Escape
  2. Arman Mesropyan – “What You Hide
  3. Kamil Show – “Puerto Rico
  4. Suren Poghosyan – “The Voice
  5. Alternativ – “Stare At Me
  6. Amaliya Margaryan – “Waiting For the Sun
  7. Tyom – “Follow the Ocean
  8. Sevak Khanagyan – “Qami
  9. Mariam – “Fade
  10. Asmik Shiroyan – “You & I


Germany — Unser Lied Für Lissabon

Show: Unser Lied Für Lissabon — Final
When: 20:10 – 22:10 (CET)
Where to watch:

Six acts will battle it out in this one-shot national final.  This year the show will include an international jury for the first time.  Eurovision alumni on jury include Margaret Berger, the 2013 representative for Norway who reached 4th place in the grand final with “I Feed You My Love”.  Joining her is the 2014 representative for Slovenia, Tinkara Kovac, who reached the grand final with “Spet (Round and Round)”.  Also from the 2014 contest is Ruth Lorenzo, who gave Spain one of their best placings in the last ten years with the ballad “Dancing In The Rain”.  Finishing off the list of Eurovision performers is Helga Möller, who represented Iceland in 1986 as part of the vocal trio ICY.
The international jury will have a third of the overall say, with another third of the final vote being cast by a specially chosen German jury. The remainder of the vote will be decided by televoting.
Here is the list of acts for tonight’s show in Berlin:

  • Michael Schulte – You Let Me Walk Alone
  • voXXclub – I Mog Di So
  • Ivy Quainoo – House on Fire
  • Ryk – You & I
  • Natia Todua – My Own Way
  • Xavier Darcy – Jonah


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As a writer with the Eurovision disposition it was only inevitable that I should find myself merging these two interests. If it wasn't Sonia singing "Better the Devil You Know" that got me hooked on Eurovision, then it was the Gina G banger "Just a Little Bit". The 90's is where it all started for me, who knows where I'll end up!

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