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Michael Schulte to respresent Germany in Lisbon!

Minutes ago we found a winner in Germany! Michael Schulte will represent Germany in Lisbon with the song “You Let Me Walk Alone”. Michael could get the most votes from the public and the jury. As part of the big 5, Germany is already qualified for the final. You can see how we rated all the German songs here.

Michael Schulte wins “Unser Lied für Lissabon”!

The winner was decided by jury voting and televoting. Will this entry change the German “success”-story? In the past three years, Germany came last two times and second last one time. Is Germany on the way to achieve their best result in years?
His song “You Let Me Walk Alone” is about his father who passed away 13 years ago. On stage, he had a huge book behind him, where he showed us memories of him with his father.
Let us know what you think about the German entry in the comments below or on social media @ESCXTRA.

Dominik Rössing

Hey, I'm Dominik from Germany. Watched my first Eurovision in 2003 and I was in love right away! Attended my first contest in 2011 and every contest since 2013. The same happened with Melodifestivalen. Started watching in 2006 and been to every final since 2017 and try to make it to at least one heat each year, too. After all, Melodifestivalen is the real deal ♥

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