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Running order for O Melodie Pentru Europa revealed!

One of the many shows to look out for during tomorrow’s big national final marathon will be O Melodie Pentru Europa, where 16 finalists will be battling it out to see who will follow in the footsteps of Sunstroke Project and of course The Epic Sax Guy.

Previously, we told you how Moldova did away with their usual semi-final format and went instead with one final consisting of 16 songs. Thanks to a draw held at the headquarters of TRM, we can now reveal the full running order for tomorrow’s final:

  1. Tolik“Broken Glass”
  2. Lavinia Rusu – “Altundeva”
  3. Bella Luna – “Moments”
  4. Anna Timofei – “Endlessly”
  5. Ilia Sorocean & Dasha DaGro – “Minds & Veins”
  6. Che MD – “Inima-n Stîngă”
  7. Constantin Cobîlean – “Numai Tu”
  8. DoReDos – “My Lucky Day”
  9. SandyC & Aaron Sibley – “Once Upon a Time”
  10. Anna Odobescu – “Agony”
  11. Nicoleta Sava – “Esencia del Sur”
  12. Doinița Gherman – “Dance in Flames”
  13. Felicia Dunaf – “Alien”
  14. Viorela – “The Gates of Love”
  15. Vera Țurcanu – “Black Heart”
  16. Ruslan Tsar – “Come to Life”

A possible lucky day

One of the favourites to win the final is a song called “My Lucky Day”, performed by a group called DoReDos. No, not an enemy from Portal, but an act best known for mixing elements of dance and traditional folk. Fans might remember them from 2015 and 2016, when they took part with their catchy entries “Maricica” and “FunnyFolk”. Both times the televoters liked them enough to place them second. However, the jury has unfortunately been less impressed so far.

Will the added name of Eurovision veteran and composer Philipp Kirkorov, one half of the “Dream Team” and co-author of recent Eurovision hits such as “You Are The Only One” and “Shady Lady”, help this finally become their lucky day? Or will one of the other 15 competitors snatch the victory?

The finale for O Melodie Pentru Europa held  tomorrow

Buckle up and grab whatever snacks, props and liquids (preferably something strong) you can and tune in tomorrow, February the 24th, to find out which entry will represent Moldova at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 and how many stops to the green room can be fit into a three and a half hour long show.

Are you excited for the O Melodie Pentru Europa finale? Will you be watching  tomorrow? Do you have your favourite act that you just can’t wait to see win?
Let us know down in the comments below and on social media @ESCXTRA!

Rigmo Kannike

When not busy haunting various online chat rooms as his criminal alter ego, PeterP, Rigmo enjoys long walks on the beach and rooting for the absolute worst national final songs.

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