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Waylon premieres first potential Eurovision song “Back Together”

Waylon has just premiered his first potential Eurovision song. The title of this first effort is “Back Together”. Furthermore, the Dutch singer revealed some more details for his second adventure at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Song chosen already

Waylon once more highlighted that he has already chosen the song. Next week, he will premiere four more songs from his album on the talkshow De Wereld Draait Door. The broadcaster have also revealed the title of each of the songs he will perform:

  • Friday, 23rd February: Back Together
  • Monday, 26th February: Outlaw In Em
  • Tuesday, 27th February: The World Can Wait
  • Wednesday, 28th February: That’s How She Goes
  • Thursday, 1st March: Thanks But No Thanks

Waylon has written all of the songs himself, albeit some together with another composer. They will also feature on his new album “The World Can Wait”. The eventual choice will be made on Friday, 2nd March. That is when Waylon will reveal which of these five songs is his choice for Lisbon.

Hans Pannecoucke

For the fourth year in a row, Hans Pannecoucke will be involved in staging a Eurovision entry. His first effort was the 2014 Dutch entry by The Common Linnets, which then also featured Waylon. He returned for The Netherlands in 2015 (“Walk Along”) and 2016 (“Slow Down”). In 2017, he was asked by the Spanish delegation to do their staging for “Do It For Your Lover”. All of Pannecoucke’s staging efforts have been remarkable to say the least. From the road in 2014 to Trijntje’s veil in 2015 and the ten second pause in 2016, he ended up with surf boards projected on the floor in Kyiv for Manel Navarro.

Waylon added that they have already done a first rehearsal of the staging. He was satisfied with the result. Furthermore, he added that he will be all alone on stage in Lisbon.

Check out Waylon’s first song, “Back Together” out below. Make sure to let us know what you think!

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