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All Aboard! Christer Björkman on board as contest producer

In a recent interview, it was revealed that Christer Björkman, the mastermind behind Melodifestivalen for the past 16 years, will also help out host broadcaster RTP as the contest producer for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.
The news was confirmed when Melodifestivalen fan club president Alexander Borodin spoke to Christer Björkman recently

So, newsflash: we just now heard that you’re going to be helping out with the big show again in Portugal!

Even Mr. Björkman himself seemed surprised to hear this

Oh…oh, really?

Christer Björkman went on to state that he had no idea his appointment was final. He was awaiting an e-mail from the official organisers of the Eurovision Song Contest, so he was surprised that had published the news already.
He then went on to explain exactly what his involment meant. Not only would he be picking the running order, but also making sure each act gets good screen time to stand out.

You have to listen to all of the songs and then think about them in the grand scheme of the whole event
It’s not a set thing, there’s no recipe, it changes from day to day, and you just have to go with your instincts

However, he was sure to mention just how important it was to have a show producer who was from Portugal. That way the actual content would still have authentic local flavour and not lose its individuality.

Not his first time

Christer Björkman served previously as the contest producer back in 2013, when Sweden hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, and again in 2016, when the contest was held in Stockholm. It seems like he’s been on speed-dial ever since, as he was also asked to perform the same duties last year and was even appointed show producer, when the executive producer and core ream suddenly resigned, and no other volunteers came knocking,

A trip back memory lane

Long time fans and Eurovision trivia enthusiasts might remember Christer Björkman from all the way back in Eurovision Song Contest 1992, when he managed to show off his puppy dog eyes in his entry “I morgon är en annan dag”. Despite being a favourite with the bookmakers, the song managed to end second to last, only scoring 7 points. The rest is history, as that’s how Melodifestivalen, as we know it, was born.

What do you think of this news? Are you happy to see Christer Björkman taking on this role again? Or do you wish Sweden was less involved?

Let us know in the comments below and on social media @ESCXTRA!

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