An Xtra Happy Birthday; February 25th

Four Eurovision birthdays yesterday, another four today. All four are girls. Two of them are celebrating Xtra big days (turning 30 and 50). They represent a total of 8 Eurovision particiapations, but without massively good results; two top 10 placings are the best. One of today’s birthday girls is halfway to 100; Evridiki! 

Ireen Sheer, 69

Ireen Sheer took part at Eurovision both in 1974, 1978 and in 1985. The first and last times she represented Luxembourg, while her second attempt was for Germany. At the 1974 Eurovision she performed the song “Bye Bye, I Love You”, finishing in fourth place. At the 1978 contest she finished sixth with “Feuer“. Finally, in 1985 she finished 13th with “Children, Kinder, Enfants“. On this occasion she performed with Margo, Franck Olivier, Chris Roberts, Diane Solomon and Malcolm Roberts. Ireen also participated in the German pre-selections in 1976 and 2002, though without winning the the right to go to Eurovision.

Evridiki, 50

Just like Ireen Sheer, Evridiki has also participated in the contest three times. She represented Cyprus in all her attempts, but unlike Ireen, she never managed to make it into the top 10. Evridiki first participated at the 1992 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, with the song “Teriazoume”. In Dublin two years later, she performed “Ime Anthropos Ki Ego“. On both these occasions she finished in eleventh place. For her next participation she waited 13 years. 2007 is, as we have mentioned earlier, the most difficult semi-final to qualify from, and like so many others, Evridiki failed to do so. She finished 15th in the semi with “Comme Ci, Comme Ça

Claudia Faniello, 30

Claudia Faniello represented Malta at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Breathlessly”. She did however fail to qualify for the grand final, after finishing 16th out of 18 songs in the second semi-final. Although this was Claudia’s first Eurovision participation, it was not her first attempt at representing Malta. “Breathlessly” was her 11th national pre-selection song since 2006. Twice before she was very close to winning the Maltese ticket to Eurovision; as she finished second both in 2008 with “Caravaggio” and in 2012 with “Pure“.

Francesca Michielin, 23

Francesca represented Italy at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm. She performed the song “No Degree of Separation”, which was performed mainly in Italian abut also partly in English. She finished in 16th place, out of 26 in the grand final.

All of us here at escXtra wish today’s four birthday girls the very happiest of celebrations!  

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