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Croatia’s Franka drops dark and mystical “Crazy” snippet

Croatia’s Eurovision entrant Franka has dropped a snippet of her entry for Lisbon. On her own YouTube channel, she revealed 26 seconds of “Crazy”. She announced the snippet date on Instagram a week ago.

Dark and mystical

The first signs predict a dark and mystical tune from the Croatians this year. Branimir Mihaljević is the composer behind the song. Originally, “Crazy” wasn’t intended for the Eurovision Song Contest. The composer gave it to Franka as a potential new single.

The song is one of only three the singer presented to HRT. The Croatian broadcaster, together with Franka’s team, was soon sold on “Crazy”.

Franka for Croatia

HRT announced Franka Batelic as their entrant for Lisbon a little over two weeks ago. The singer was chosen through an internal selection. Her name had been going around for quite a while already.

Franka is no stranger to Croatia’s Eurovision scene. In both 2009 and 2010, she entered Dora, the Croatian national final. She lost out both times, to Igor Cukrov and Feminnem respectively.

Hoping for a top ten result

Croatia will be hoping that the 26 year old can turn their Eurovision luck. The last time the country made it to the top ten of the grand final was back in 2001, a whopping seventeen years ago.

After 2013, Croatia withdrew from the contest to get their mojo back. They returned in 2016 and have since then reached the final twice in a row. Last year’s entrant Jacques Houdek, famous for singing a duet with himself, finished in thirteenth with his “My Friend”.

You can listen to the snippet of Croatia’s entry for Lisbon, “Crazy” below. Franka has not yet told us when the full song is going to be out, so stay tuned to! Let us know what you think of the snippet! Are you looking forward to the full song?

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