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We’ve reached the halfway point! Who is your current Eurovision 2018 favourite?

The Eurovision 2018 season is well underway. After both Romania and Armenia chose their entrants for Lisbon tonight, we have pretty much reached the halfway mark. We now have 21 out of 43 songs!

Internal time?

A lot of the remaining songs left to be revealed are internally selected efforts, such as Belgium, Cyprus and FYR Macedonia. On the other hand, we know at least something from every country at this point. Even for Bulgaria, we know the song titles of the thirteen entries they were considering.

National finals are however, thankfully, far from over! Next Saturday is another Super Saturday for Eurovision 2018, with five more countries picking for Lisbon. Make sure you keep an eye at the calendar to follow every bit of the Eurovision 2018 national final season.

The past week

Last week gave us a total of nine new Eurovision entries. It all started with Serbia’s Beovizija on Tuesday. Germany then followed on Thursday with a clear victory for Michael Schulte.

The weekend was a right treat with seven songs: Moldova, Hungary, Latvia, Slovenia and Ukraine all chose on Saturday. Armenia and Romania had their turns last night, choosing Sevak Khanagyan and The Humans.

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