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Portugal complete Festival da Canção final line-up

Olá desde Lisboa! The second semi-final of Festival da Canção has just finished and the last 7 qualifiers of Festival da Canção 2018 were chosen.

Tonight’s show

Tonight thirteen acts were competing for seven places at the Grand Final of the competition, to take place in Guimarães on March 4th. Once again, the power was divided equally by the juries and the public at home, therefore using a 50/50 system. The line up for the Grand Final of Festival da Canção is now complete. Let’s check below who qualified from tonight’s show.

The results of the second semi-final (qualifiers in bold)

  1. Diogo Piçarra with “Canção do fim”: 24 points
  2. Claudia Pascoal with “O jardim”: 20 points
  3. Maria Inês Paris with “Bandeira azul”: 12 points
  4. Minnie & Rhayra with “Patati Patata”: 10 points
  5. Lili with “O voo das cegonhas”: 10 points
  6. David Pessoa with “Amor veloz”: 9 points
  7. Peter Serrado with “Sunset”: 9 points
  8. Susana Travassos with “Mensageira”: 8 points
  9. Tamin with “Sobre nós”: 8 points
  10. Daniela Onís with “P’ra lá do rio”: 5 points
  11. Rita Ruivo with “Anda daí”: 1 point
  12. Dora Fidalgo with “Arco-íris”: 0 points
  13. Sequin with “All over again”: 0 points

Contrary to last week, tonight’s show had a clear winner. Diogo Piçarra picked up the top points from both jury and televoters. Furthermore, Claudia Pascoal finished in a strong second, scoring the ten from both votings.

Interestingly, the Portuguese jury chose to almost completely ignore the songs with some English in it. Sequin received nothing, Peter Serrado received just one point. Televoting had to save the latter, by putting it third in their ranking.

Portugal’s journey at the Eurovision Song Contest

Portugal’s debut at Eurovision goes back to 1964. We can’t say that it was a very successful debut, as António Calvário placed last with the famous null point. Over the years Portugal has sent some of their biggest national stars, but the results were always below average. The sixth place achieved by Lúcia Moniz in 1996 was the best result for the Iberian nation until the victory of Salvador Sobral in the last edition of the competition. With 49 attemps at Eurovision, Portugal is one of the oldest countries in the competition. Next Sunday they will select their next representative, that will have the honour to be the first artist to represent the country in the home ground.

What do you think about the last seven qualifiers? Who is your favourite to represent Portugal?
Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below and on all social media platforms at @ESCXTRA.

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