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AISEL’s entry to be revealed this Sunday

Azerbaijan have broken their brief silence and announced this evening via a press release, that their entry will be presented this Sunday 4th March.
ICTIMAI officially announced jazz/soul singer AISEL as the Azeri representative back in November last year. Since the announcement, she travelled to different countries and worked with several music experts with a goal to find the perfect song for Lisbon.

Public focus group used to select entry

AISEL selected the three songs which she liked best, after a host of successful recording sessions. To narrow down the search, a focus group consisting of 300 people from 31 countries was used.  Those participating were told very little information about the project and more importantly were unaware that the task was linked to Eurovision.
The result of the focus group outlined a clear winner,  with the song in question receiving an impressive 87% of the vote.  This sealed the decision and thus decided the Azeri entry for 2018.

Song premiere this Sunday

The entry will be revealed on Sunday 4th March, at 12:00 CET on the official Eurovision YouTube channel.  Azerbaijan have been drawn to perform in the first half of the first semi final of the contest on Tuesday 8th May.
Are you excited to hear AISEL’s song? Let us know below or on social media @ESCXTRA!

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