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Diogo Piçarra withdraws from Festival da Canção over plagiarism claims

Shocks in Portugal tonight. The favourite to win Festival da Canção 2018 has withdrawn. Diogo Piçarra posted a statement on Facebook tonight, confirming his withdrawal.

Plagiarism claims

Following Diogo’s qualification during last Sunday’s semi-final, a big controversy sparked on social media. In the past few days, plagiarism claims were uttered to Diogo Piçarra and his song “Canção do Fim”. Specifically, “Canção do Fim” was accused of plagiarizing “Abre Os Meus Olho”, a song released by Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus (IURD) in 1979.

Diogo responded to the accusations by making a post on his Instagram account. The singer defended himself and the statement included:

The idea for “Canção do Fim” appeared in 2016, along with many others from my latest album “do=s”. I saved it for finding something special, however, its simplicity and its chord progression is not something that wasn’t invented, just like everything in music.

Despite the controversy and the accusations made towards Diogo, he wasn’t completely alone. Several other celebrities supported the singer, among them David Carreira, Catarina Perreira, Raquel Tavares and a lot more!
David Carreira, who was also accused of plagiarism back in 2016 for his duet with Ana Free, commented on Diogo’s Instagram post showing his support for the singer. Raquel Tavares also left her comment, saying “You were great, boy, the rest is foolish.”

The withdrawal

Despite his first post on Instagram, the singer made another statement tonight on Facebbok. In that statement, he says:

The fuss created around my participation has nothing to do with music anymore. […] It simply does not make sense anymore to try and win this chance [of representing Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest].

He adds that it would have been a great honour to represent his country on home soil, but that this simply isn’t worth it anymore. Furthermore, he adds that his life and career do not depend on winning Festival da Canção. His post means no bitter feelings, as he wishes all of his fellow contestants the best of luck in the Portuguese national final. He will still be cheering them on in the final of Festival da Canção 2018.

The hot favourite

This isn’t just some withdrawal. Diogo Piçarra is one of the biggest stars on Portuguese soil. The fact he entered Festival da Canção, a contest normally lacking the big stars of the music scene, was seen as a statement.

He won the semi-final last Sunday by a clear margin. He received twelve points from both televoters and juries, confirming his position as frontrunner. It is not clear whether RTP will replace Piçarra for the final of their national final this Sunday.

What do you think about Diogo Piçarra’s decision to withdraw from Festival da Canção? Let us know below in a comment or on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. Meanwhile, check out the song he had below!

Canção n.º 4: Diogo Piçarra - "Canção do Fim" - 2.ª Semifinal | Festival da Canção 2018Canção n.º 4: Diogo Piçarra – “Canção do Fim” – 2.ª Semifinal | Festival da Canção 2018

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  • David Saunders

    Maranatha music held the copyright for Open Our Eyes Lord back in 1976. Nothing to do with IURD. It was composed by Robert Cull.

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