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RESULTS: Who is leading after round ten of Eurovision Prediction 2018?

Over the past week, you have been taking part in rounds nine and ten of Eurovision Prediction 2018. We’ve now witnessed national finals in Serbia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Moldova, Slovenia, Ukraine, Armenia and Romania. Therefore, let’s see how the results of these shows affect our scoreboard!

Calculating your points!

As stated in the rules, our scoring system varies depending on what results are revealed during the broadcast. In almost all of these national finals, full rankings of the competing acts were broadcast during the show. Therefore, predicting first place earns you maximum points, second place earns you one point less than maximum and so on.
The only exception was the national final in Hungary. In A Dal, we received rankings for 5th to 8th place. Therefore, predicting 5th earns you 4 points, predicting 6th earns 3 points and so on. However, amongst the top 4, only the winner was revealed. Therefore, the other superfinalists will receive 5 points as if they all placed fourth.

Here is the scoreboard!

So what does this mean for the scoreboard? With SO many points on offer, it is impossible to round up all of the key changes. Therefore, we’ve added a little statistic onto our scoreboard below. The small position number to the right of your current position shows the position you were in following the conclusion of round eight – the last time we published our scoreboard. So you can find out how far you’ve moved up or down as a result of the past two rounds!
We do have a new leader, with Alex S. taking over from fellow Portuguese player Joana at the top. See how you rank amongst our 198 players below and let us know how you are doing!
If you are using a mobile device, or would like to view the spreadsheet in full screen, please use this direct link to the Google Spreadsheet!

Stay tuned for round eleven!

As you can see a remarkable 198 of you have so far taken part in Eurovision Prediction 2018. Stay tuned for the penultimate round of the competition. Yes, round eleven will be launched shortly. This time, you will be predicting who will represent Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Poland, San Marino and Portugal in Lisbon!

Ryan Cobb

My first memory of watching the Eurovision Song Contest was back in 2001 and, over the years, my passion and enthusiasm for the contest has very much turned into an obsession. I adore music and I love geography, so this contest is a natural fit for me. If la la loving Eurovision was a crime, I'd certainly be a criminal!

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