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“Out of the Twilight” released. New version of Sara de Blue’s competing entry out now!

Out of the twilight, into the spotlight. After a sparkly new coat of paint and a better production, Sara de Blue’s song is finally back online, sounding richer and more enchanting than ever.

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When we last left our brave warriors in San Marino, the final versions of all competing songs were released online for fans to like, share and comment on. All was not right, however, as Sara wasn’t seemingly pleased with the finished product. Shortly after release “Out of the twilight” disappeared from 1in360’s youtube page. A comment left on their twitter was thankfully there to explain things:

Monday came, but the song did not. So the fans continued to wait and eagerly anticipate the release. We can now thankfully confirm that the final version is out for all of you to enjoy. Have a listen down below:

About Sara de Blue

She’s a multitalented singer/songwriter from Austria. A true connoisseur of art, who has studied jazz vocals, dance and even acting. Inspired at a young age by such legends as Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, she has gone on to perfect her blend of pop and jazz. People often compare the sound of her voice to a violin.

Her achievements are too numerous to count and she’s even taken part of “The voice of Germany”, making it all the way to the Top 40 as part of team “Max Herre”. She also tried her luck out in Austria’s wildcard selection back in 2016, but unfortunately wasn’t selected.

Now she’s taking part of San Marino’s national final selection 1in360, where a 50/50 combination of online investments translated into televoting scores and points given by the jury, will decide the eventual winner

Investments? Huh? And how is she doing so far?

Very well, actually. Recently, Sara de Blue was the first artist to be fully funded, ensuring her 12 points from the televoters and taking her one step closer to making her dream come true. You’ll find out if San Marino chooses Sara and her hauntingly beautiful entry this Saturday. We wish her good luck in the competition!

Are you excited for the 1in360 final? What do you think of the new version of  “Out of the twilight”? Are you rooting for Sara to win this saturday?

Let us know down in the comments below and on social media @ESCXTRA!

Comments on “Out of the Twilight” released. New version of Sara de Blue’s competing entry out now!

  • Lisa

    Sara for San Marino! I love that song!!!

  • Verena

    Sara for San Marino!!! She will win that all for you! Wonderful song. Love her voice.

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