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It’s Siegel time! The maestro gives his verdict on this year’s German entry!

Welcome to our first ever soon-to-be-annual feature called “What does Ralph Siegel think about the German Eurovision entry this time?” YES! Everyone’s favourite purveyor of Eurovision cheese is ready to answer the burning question on YOUR mind right now: what does Ralph Siegel think a…ab…just read the name above.
Okay, so the name might need some more work. The same can’t be said about the Siegelmaster himself, who has been busy churning out no less than 25 Eurovision entries in the past 44 years! I’m bad with math, but that’s a pretty impressive number.

Wunderbar! What’s the verdict then?

Sometimes he’s kept us waiting an entire month. Luck was on our side this time though. Right after Michael Schulte’s heartfelt victory in Unser Lied für Lissabon, Siegel wasted no time to jump right into it:

Why you need four authors to write a ‘song about your own father’ is a mystery to me.

A burn and a question wrapped in one, what a start! A slight note of criticism, but don’t worry, Michael, he’s still supporting you all the way:

Michael Schulte, whom I consider gifted, and who was also my favorite, will certainly occupy a good place!

Siegelrific! Michael Schulte receives the (patent pending) Siegel Seal of Approval. He can take it with him to Lisbon and impress everyone in the green room. The grand master didn’t stutter even for a second to get this little jab out either:

Well copied is better than badly invented – Ed Sheeran sends his regards!

Looks like Siegel has been listening to a bit of Ed Sheeran himself, a possible inspiration for a future entry of his own?

A trip back Siegel lane

Recently the maestro has been making sure San Marino actually has something to present each Eurovision season. We however would like to take you back much much further, 1979 to be exact, when a group of people dressed like deranged circus artists engaging in a bit of synchronized gyrating while singing about a brutally violent warmonger, managed to reach all the way to 4th position under Siegel’s guidance. That takes talent.

I’ve ran out of bad Siegel related catchphrases, so it’s time to wrap things up. Be sure to come back in about 12 months, when we find out what Siegel thinks of the German entry for 2019 and how he came to write a breakup song for Valentina Monetta in the dubstep genre.

What do you think of Siegel’s comments? What’s your favourite Eurovision entry from him? Are you counting down the days until his next batch of comments?

Let us know in the comments below and on social media @ESCXTRA!

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